Full house demolition

Traditional demolition is generally the quickest and most cost effective means of removing a dwelling or structure from your property. Our experienced team of professionals are trained to handle jobs of all types guaranteeing you a better job at a better price every time.

The demolition process

Do you require demolition services in the Greater Sydney Region? If you are considering demolishing existing structures on your site, whether residential or commercial, you will find there is a lot more to the process than the actual demolition process itself. View More

Partial demolition

Better Demolition specialises in the partial demolition of buildings. Whether it is an office strip out, the removal of internal spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms in a home or external structures such as adjoining walls, swimming pools, and driveways we have the right tools and experienced staff to handles any project.

DA approval (Private certifier)

Demolition approvals in Sydney can be granted using the services of a Private Certifier or Private Certifying Authority. Better Demolition retain the services of a Private Certifier and approval is generally granted 2 weeks after the application has been submitted. View More

Demolition clearance certificate

Once your demolition is complete Better Demolition will provide you with a clearance certificate to give to your builder. This certificate proves your block of land is safe, clean and free of any asbestos. Most builders will not begin work without a clearance certificate from a demolisher.

Asbestos report, testing, removal & remediation

The steps involved in the safe removal of asbestos are testing, removal, and disposal.
Professional asbestos removal has no fixed cost. The amount of asbestos in a home is a major factor in computing how much you’ll have to pay. The more of it there is, the more time and effort is needed.
Asbestos removal requires manual demolition to get at the material safely and extract it. Areas that we cover for asbestos removal in such cases include the garage, rooftops, and ceilings. Extensions to the primary structure and the walls can also have an asbestos lining. Once Better Demolition has completed our safe asbestos removal service in Sydney’s premises, we can provide our clients with an asbestos clearance certificate, so that you can proceed with your project knowing that it is fully compliant with NSW and Australian law.

Air conditioner degassing

Before demolition can take place, all air conditioner units on the premises must be professionally degassed. It is an offense to unlawfully discharge air conditioner gases and harsh fines apply for committing such offenses. Air conditioner units contain either R22 gas or R4 gas. Both these gases require removal by a licensed professional.

End of lease rubbish removal

If you require the removal of a large amount of rubbish we can provide you with a bin to suit your needs. We can drop it onsite and have it removed once it is filled saving you the time and hassle of having to do numerous runs to the tip.

Concrete removal

Whether you need to remove a driveway, footings or a swimming pool Better Demolition has different machinery and attachments to suit every job.

Tree removal

The demolition process often requires the lopping or complete removal of trees, shrubs and other vegetation. Better Demolition provide specialised solutions using the safest industry practices and equipment.

Services disconnection

When undertaking the demolition of houses or commercial demolition you must first disconnect any services that are connected to the home or building.
This includes: Water, gas, telephone, Foxtel, NBN, and electricity that is connected to public mains and lines.
The process of service disconnection includes:
  • Electrical system disconnection from mains i.e. power pole to the connection on the house
  • Water disconnection and installation of temporary water systems needed on site for demolition
  • Telephone lines and Foxtel are isolated
NBN. Pleas note that disconnection and Removal of devices supplied by NBN CO has to be organised and completed by the title/account holder.


Better Demolition Excavation Services include: Bulk Excavation, Detailed Excavation, Hand Excavation, Site Benching, and Levelling, Site clear and ready for building.

Plant hire

Better Demolition can provide you with the right tools for any job including: Truck Hire, Excavator Hire, Skip Bins, Temporary Safety Fencing, Siltation Fencing.