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General questions

What do I need to do to demolish my existing house?
There are several steps to follow before you are able to demolish your existing home including organizing the correct certificates and approvals, asbestos checks, disconnection of services, and notification of proposed works to neighboring properties. Step 1 is choosing a reputable demolition company that can take care of this entire process for you from start to finish.
How long does it take to demolish a house?
When it comes to the demolition a house there are a variety of factors that will all impact the time required. Some of these include: Materials used to build the house, the size of the structure, the presence of asbestos, slope of the land, site access, if there are trees that need removing, whether you need a sediment control plan. You also need to take into consideration the time it takes for council approval and delivery of demolition letters and asbestos removal letters which are sent out to neighbouring properties prior to works commencing.
Generally speaking the physical demolition of a small fibro house can be completed in a single day while a brick structure may take two days. If a home is clad in or contains asbestos this can add several days to the process to remove it safely.
How much does it cost to demolish a house?
When it comes to the cost of demolishing a house it is not a one size fits all process as many variables come into play such as size, location, access, building materials, the presence of asbestos, all of which have an impact on the overall cost of the project. The only way to receive an accurate costing of your demolition project is by organising a site inspection with one of our skilled estimators who will provide you with an obligation free quote.
Do I need council approval?
Under the NSW Planning and Environmental Assessment Act the demolition of many structures counts as development. This means that approval is required before your demolition can get started.
This approval can be obtained in one of two ways:
The first, is by applying for Development Approval (known as DA) from council. This involves applying directly to your local council.
The second option is by organising a Complying Development Certificate (known as a CDC) which can be arranged by Better Demolition. In this scenario a Private Certifier sends your application to council. Demolition approval through a Private Certifier is generally granted 2 weeks after the application has been submitted.
What certificates are required for the demolition of my property?
As outlined above prior to demolition you are required to have an approved DA or Complying Development Certificate (known as a CDC) which can be arranged by your contracted demolition company.
Once your house has been demolished Better Demolition will provide you with a clearance certificate to give to your builder. This certificate proves your block of land is safe, clean and free of any asbestos.
What if my property contains asbestos?
Better Demolition will lodge all necessary asbestos permits and notifications with Work Cover to ensure our removal is carried out within all Australian laws and regulations.
We will also notify all surrounding neighbours of the site as to when the asbestos removal will take place and the methods of which we will use to ensure their safety.
Upon completion of the asbestos removal we dispose of the asbestos safely and in accordance with Australian law.
On completion of the asbestos removal, Better Demolition will inspect the area and certify the removal has taken place successfully. Better Demolition will then issue you with a clearance certificate which you can submit to the council for your records.
Who organises disconnection of services?
When undertaking the demolition of houses or commercial demolition you must first disconnect any services that are connected to the home or building. This includes electricity, water, gas, telephone, foxtel and NBN access if the property has it. Better Demolition can organise the disconnection of electricity, water for you.
What about my neigbours?
Prior to commencing works you are required to hand out letters to neighbouring properties informing them that demolition work will be taking place. These letters must be distributed at least seven days before demolition begins. Better Demolition will write and distribute this letter on your behalf.
Do any of the materials get recycled?
Materials that can be re-used - such as bricks, pavers or tiles - are taken to be recycled while other materials are taken to the tip to become landfill.

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